China International Capital Corporation, a well-known investment banking firm (known as CICC) held an event at China World Hotel, with the theme “Information Exchanges and Investment Forum between Listed Company of CICC and Investors 2016” on September 21. More than two hundred personnel from the entities such as the prestigious domestic investment banks, educational firms and medias at large attended the meeting.


Hosted by CICC’s research team on education, the forum centered around the investment research on the sector of education. The participants included dozens of well-known domestic investment firms such as Hillhouse Capital Group, KKR, CDH and China AMC, as well as many medias like the Chinese All and China South Publishing. Among all companies that attended the event were enterprises including the A-share listed firm Beijing Lanxum Technology Co., Ltd., and the U.S. Stock/H-share listed corporations such as New Oriental, TAL and Virscend Education.


The Founders and CEOs of eleven education and investment entities including the website, Longwen Education,,, Dancheng Capital, delivered lectures. In response to the invitation, NoBo Education, as the representative of the New Three Board Listing firms, attended the event and the keynote speech with the theme “NoBo’s Confusion: Acquisition of Confucius?” was delivered in the name of NoBo Education.

(Image: Xia Qing, NoBo Education’s Chairman of the Board, 
is delivering the keynote speech with the theme “Nobo’s Confusion: Acquisition of Confucius?”)

In his speech, Xia Qing, PhD, NoBo’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, shared with the attendance in terms of the market’s status quo of preschool education, and brought forth the current three types of company’s development in the sector of education: namely the logic of capital, of Internet, and of education. Investing in education via capital and Internet has a common trait and advantage in that it can be done fast and highly duplicable. However, none offers the solutions to address the real issue facing the current society, which is the issue that it’s difficult and expensive for families to have their children admitted by preschools that offer high quality of education.

(Image: Xia Qing PhD is sharing the market’s status quo of preschool education)

Through introducing the research data collected by NoBo Institute, Xia Qing brought up that the core logic of education lies in working on the value of education. He also expressed that NoBo Education sets the mission to focusing on the core of operating kindergartens, which is to work on the educational system of high quality (that is, the operation and management solution for education) while resorting to the Internet brand transmission, during the course of which, capital is in the place to support. Xia Qing also shared with the investors who attended the event in terms of NoBo Approach’s core concept, its business modal, school testimony and the high-tech product “HM5+1” that is independently researched and developed by NoBo.

(Image: Xia Qing PhD is introducing NoBo’s technological product “HM5+1”)

In addition, Xu Ming from the H-share listed firm Virscend Education delivered a keynote speech regarding as K12 elementary education, Sun Chang, CEO of the A-share listed firm and Tang Hongzhe, Senior Vice President of made a speech with the theme of Internet education, and Xu Leilei, Chairman of the Board from Sun-TV delivered a lecture related to preschool education and etc..

(Image: other event guests are sharing China’s status quo of online education)

NoBo’s participation in the symposium of CICC’s Investment in Education is the debut of NoBo Education attending the forum of Investment in Education after NoBo became a New Three Board listing firm in March. The attention and approval received from the high-end investors and from NoBo’s peers in the education industry during the forum will be influential to NoBo’s next phase of development.