• Company Profile

    NOBO Columbia Corporation (中文名:北京哥大诺博教育科技股份有限公司, hereinafter NOBO), established in March 2011, is a new high-tech company and an international preschool education research institution registered in the Beijing Zhongguancun. The founders of NOBO are an Education Dr. from Columbia University in the New York City and an Internet industry entrepreneur as well as media- involved companies. At present, the core staff of the NOBO R&D and operations teams is forty highly educated personnel with either superior college educations at home or abroad or advanced Internet capabilities and awareness. NOBO R&D also includes an expert advisor team of an academician from the National Academy of Education (U.S.), as well as cognitive psychologists and well-known Chinese preschool education scholars.

    Since 2007, the NOBO science and technology education team has been in continuous cooperation with a number of top domestic and international academic institutions, including Columbia University’s Teachers College, Carnegie Mellon University and Beijing Normal University’s Siegler Center for Innovative Learning. Having worked together for a couple of years, team members have established the core of NOBO Education: the NOBO Early Childhood Education Approach (hereinafter NOBO Educational Approach). The Approach, with both international vision and local suitability, is designed to help Chinese kindergartens and families apply the concepts of international education to the cultivation of the child’s spirit of exploration, good learning habits and fine character traits, so as to promote scientific development from infancy and to implement the efficient management of Online to Offline (O2O) kindergarten system solutions. Through cooperation with operating kindergartens and entrusted management, the system has been accessible so far to more than ten kindergartens, in the Xicheng District of Beijing, Guangxi Beihai, Anhui Wuhu and Heilongjiang Daqing, affording a number of kindergartens, including BNU Kindergarten, a complete set of operations management solutions.

    Based on this approach, NOBO independently researches and develops digital kindergarten education management platforms using cloud technology and a proprietary children’s education technology product (Nobo Up) for scientific assessment and intervention with preschool children up to the age of six. NOBO also cooperates with such well-known colleges and universities as Beijing Normal University and Capital Normal University to conduct professional training for teachers and administrators in preschool education, in an effort to promote regional preschool teacher professional levels and quality. In the fall of 2013, NOBO began coming into communities, establishing the home-based, family-like children’s club – Nobo House – and so opened up an important channel to further spread its education concepts and implement its innovation model.

    NOBO currently maintains comprehensive cooperation with all levels of government, with educational institutions, with investors and with the mainstream media and promotes its educational approach and related products and services across the country.

    Vision & Mission

    The NOBO Vision: to become the most delicate and most connotative education institution in China.

    NOBO expects to promulgate the best in education ideas, methods and resources to ever more families by means of science and technology and innovative business models, to help Chinese children lay a sound foundation for growth and to help them become lifelong learners able to choose their own paths, achieve their pursuits, treasure the happiness they achieve, and obtain a world-standard quality of caring for their communities.

    The NOBO Mission: to make excellence the legacy, to help people optimize their lives, and to change a generation in China.

    Via the distribution of a high-quality educational approach and the sharing of education resources and high-tech products, NOBO hopes that a good education won’t stop at being the product of the individual schools but can also reach thousands of households through more educational institutions and innovation methods, and so lay a solid foundation for the growth of a new generation of creative Chinese.

    The NOBO Culture: symbolized by love and innovation

    An organization with deep humanistic concerns, NOBO attaches great importance to the value of human life and puts forward “Three NOBO Loves” – love of children, love of career and love of colleagues. NOBO is also an enterprise that advocates encouragement and innovation. We advocate that our work be done correctly and efficiently, we provide an open environment for employee growth, and we help the individual to quickly achieve career development objectives and a sense of self-worth.

    Our Services

    At present, NOBO Education has four basic operations:

    1. Nobo School

    Nobo School, an element of the NOBO kindergarten education system, is a kindergarten that implements the NOBO Educational Approach within the framework of the NOBO Education concept. Nobo School is designed to cultivate lifelong learners who are civically minded and world-aware and to cultivate ten good habits in children. Click here to read more.

    2. Nobo College

    Nobo College is a development platform for lifelong careers in Chinese preschool teaching in cooperation with first-class domestic normal colleges. Using the advantages of the Internet and technology, Nobo College designs and implements systematic preschool personnel cultivation plans for colleges and universities and businesses and offers qualification certification authority. Click here to read more.

    3. Nobo Up

    Established by NOBO and experts from top universities at home and abroad, Nobo Up is a scientific assessment system and personalized education solution for children two to six years of age in cognition and in the ability fields of science, language, art, social studies and health. The plan offers two solutions, “Edu Up” and “Smart Up,” for both kindergarten and family education. Click here to read more.

    4. Nobo House

    Nobo House derives its name from the Chinese Children’s English Reading Program co-established by an expert team from Columbia University and Beijing Normal University. On the basis of theoretical study and project experience, Nobo House is a children’s club designed to serve the community in a home-based, family-like environment. Click here to read more.