NOBO Education has successfully signed an agreement with Shun Feng Group at Da Qing on August 13, 2016, with NOBO School officially settling into the Central Metropolitan Park of Shun Feng Group.



Image1: NOBO Education has successfully signed an agreement with Shun Feng Group at Da Qing

On the day of the event, Director of the Nobo School Operational Department Anna Zhai, along with related leaders of Shun Feng Group and other 600 home owners of the Central Metropolitan Park, attended the agreement signing ceremony. The cooperative foundation between Shun Feng Group and NOBO Education is to provide the early childhood education with high quality education and of easy access to the families resided in the Park. As an influential real estate developer with a large scale, Shun Feng Group values greatly on synchronizing education and residence. Shun Feng Group’s choice to cooperate with NOBO Education is based on NOBO Education’s good brand and reputation as well as its international and advanced concept of preschool education.



Image2: Anna Zhai is speaking at the agreement signing ceremony

NOBO School’s settling inside the Central Metropolitan Park will not only further improve the educational facilities of the Park and provide a good educational environment for children’s healthy development, but also promote increased levels of education in its neighborhood through disseminating the educational resources of high quality to the surrounding communities, in which case, the development potential and value of the entire community is enhanced with multiple benefits of social and economic effects realized.


NOBO School’s Shun Feng Project at Da Qing will be officially launched on September 1st. NOBO Education will work with CLOU Architects, a well-known German Design team to carry out the interior design for the School and fully integrate the educational concept and value of NOBO Education into the design.

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