In accordance with policies including the Several Opinions Regarding As Speeding Up the Development of Scientific-Technological Service Industry issued by the State Council and Beijing’s Implementing Suggestions over Accelerating the Development of Capital’s Scientific Technological Service Industry, the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology initiated submitting work of the Promoted Special Projects of Beijing S&T Service Industry 2016, in purpose of carrying out the Innovative Action Plan of Technology in Beijing (2014-2017) and improving the supportive capacity of the Scientific-Technological Service Industry toward the economic development and transformational upgrading of the capital city. In an active response to this national call, NOBO Education started its submitting process in June, 2016.

The Project, “Cloud·Kindergarten” Digital Educational Administrative Systematic Operational Plan belongs to a new service industry, which allows enterprises to develop horizontally toward relevant industries, providing a professional support to the field of education for children. This project has been implemented in multiple cities like Beijing, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Chengdu and received great achievements by drastically reducing the assets scale, having companies invested more efforts in the management of education, and sharing the profits from the investment value of kindergartens with the investors of education.

Image 1  Operation of NOBO School

NOBO’s project meets the submitting criteria of the Promoted Special Projects of Beijing S&T Service Industry 2016 initiated by the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology. Identified as a new service industry, NOBO’s “Cloud·Kindergarten” project was confirmed to be in line with the submitting criteria of the Promoted Special Projects run by the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology after  it was assessed by experts and governmental representatives. With a great growing potential, the project has multiple intellectual rights, which was approved by the assessors who granted the claim to eventually allow the project to receive the support from the government.


Following the principle of “Scientific-Technology Serving Education” and aiming at the preschool education for 0-6 years old children, NOBO Education’s “Cloud·Kindergarten” project has integrated excellent preschool systems that have a century’s history from both home and abroad and kindergartens that have a standardized management. It cultivates good temperament and personality within children as a foundation for them to grow and promotes the development of the education industry through the scientific and technological research. The current market faces complexities such as lack of standardized procedures and regulations and of qualified goals, whereas the “Cloud·Kindergarten” project has integrated all related contemporary issues, brought forward an innovative designing thought featuring a three dimension of “Platform + Standard + Content” through cloud calculation, and embedded the digital management platform of kindergarten with an integrated system involving in management, educational concepts and standards.



Image 2 NOBO Education’s Innovative Method

Due to its feature of perspective-ness in facing problems and high-tech nature in applying the cloud calculation for integrating information, the “Cloud·Kindergarten” project enables NOBO Education to become a platform through which the current administrative level of Chinese preschool education is led to reach an improvement.